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NOTICE Update 12.07.2015

NOTICE Double Donate and Vote !
I enabled the Double Donate and vote till 10.06. Have fun :) A new update is coming this Month.

NOTICE Easter Event
Easter has arrived in Cabal so we activated Double Vote and Donate and also made a Event. Check it out when you click on "More"

NOTICE Eastern Event
We will have a Eastern Event soon which will be activated for the whole Month. But for now i activate Double Donate and Double Vote. Double Donate will be closed at 18.04. Double Vote will run the whole Month

NOTICE Valentinsday arrived!
Valentinsday arrived in nevareth!. So how about you buy something for your lovely Person? Show how much you like the person with Double Donate and Double Vote! It ends at 18.02

  • Accounts 179136
  • Characters 153386
  • Exp 1500x
  • Sp 500x
  • Craft EXP 100x
  • Drop rate 6x
  • Alz bomb rate 7x
  • Alz rate 30x
  • Pet EXP 40x
  • Wexp 7x
  • AXP 50x
  • Item/Drop 3
  • Max rebirths 5000