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CH 2: Normal
CH 3: Hardcore
CH 6: War
CH 4: Hardcore
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NOTICE Summer Event activated
To read more about it click on More :)

NOTICE New Server Machine
Start the launcher and download the small update. Then you are on the new Server. The Server issues should be resolved then.

NOTICE Reborn transfer system added
We have added the Reborn transfer system, cause alot of people wanted to have them transfered. You can find the option to do it after you are logged in. Have fun.

NOTICE Easter Event 2016
Easter has arrived in Cabal. Check it out when you click on "More"

NOTICE Christmas Event 2015
You can get PW5,RW3,Pet Untrain Kit Option, Orihalcon Epaulet, SEHH,PCHH and more things. find it out :) Click on More to read more about the events.

  • Accounts 209674
  • Characters 189312
  • Exp 1500x
  • Sp 500x
  • Craft EXP 100x
  • Drop rate 6x
  • Alz bomb rate 7x
  • Alz rate 30x
  • Pet EXP 40x
  • Wexp 7x
  • AXP 50x
  • Item/Drop 3
  • Max rebirths 5000