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CH 2: Normal
CH 3: Hardcore
CH 6: War
CH 4: Hardcore
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NOTICE Vote Challenge
Xtremetop100 changed the Vote system.
So can we show them who is the number 1 in the Cabal Voting? :)
If BEAST Cabal will be again Place 1 in Voting,
then i will give you all a full month of Tripple Vote and maybe a suprise :).

The Event starts now. It finish 31.10.2014

This shows you how to vote correctly.

NOTICE Double Donation Event
Cause of the recent changes in the Nation War, we will have a Double Donate Event. And now dont ask me everyday for it lol. Starts: 02.09 and ends on 20.09

Launcher Updated. Please downlaod it from this link.
Extract it to the cabal folder and overwrite it.

NOTICE Summer Event activated
To read more about it click on More :)

NOTICE Germany won the World Championship FINISHED
Double Donation and Double Vote enabled for 5 days !!. It will end 19.07.2014 FINISHED

NOTICE Double Donation Enabled
I am really sorry for the downtime and the issues we had, but now its working again stable. People asked me for a double donation. So here it goes. have fun. Double Vote and Double Donation Enabled till 30.04.2014.

  • Accounts 159161
  • Characters 127103
  • Exp 1500x
  • Sp 500x
  • Craft EXP 100x
  • Drop rate 6x
  • Alz bomb rate 7x
  • Alz rate 30x
  • Pet EXP 40x
  • Wexp 7x
  • AXP 50x
  • Item/Drop 3
  • Max rebirths 5000